Get the most out of your sampler. Unique Sample Packs build by jammers, for jammers. Skip the work and start creating.


So much power in such a small frame. We are still madly in love with the Korg  Volca Sample. Even after years of using it and expanding our setup.

Get the most out of this modern classic with Sample Packs designed with deep knowledge of its specifications. Whether as a standalone fun machine or for a specific use case in a well-laid-out setup.  Our dedicated sample packs are the fresh breeze you are looking for.

For the Korg Volca Sample 1, we offer easy to transfer VOSYR Sample packs. They transfer with the free VOSYR Software.

For the Korg Volca Sample2 Second generation, we offer the vlcspllib format. They transfer with Korg´s free Librarian Software.


So much more than just a sampler. When we used it for the first time, our minds were blown. We soon realized, that in order to get the most out of the capabilities of the Digitakt, we needed to create something new.

Our Digitakt Sample Packs contain a broad range of sounds. Made to get you there quickly. Freaky sounds. Organic sounds. Pure sounds. Go-to standards. We invested hours and hours of testing, tweaking, and optimizing.

Like with all our sample packs, ease of use, session value, and flexibility are what we aim for.


You like to get the best out of the Squarp Rample. Look no further. 

Turn your Rample into an ultimate drum machine or ultimate sound machine. Perfectly adjusted sample packs, 4 voices, and 12 layers to match the requirements of the Rample.

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For all control freaks out there. You like to sort, edit and combine Samples and build your own custom packs? You want to use our Samples with other machines or software samplers?

Then this is for you.

You can feed these samples into any hard/-software sampler. The WAV Sample packs contain .wav files both in 16-bit 44.1 kHz and 24bit 44.8 kHz format.

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We love to get feedback from fellow electronic musicians. DM´s, Email, hashtagged, and submitted Jams… It is a real joy to hear what you create with the sounds from the sample packs. having worked on the samples for so long, it even feels a little bit like a collaboration.

Have a quick read at what fellow jammers have to say about their experience.

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Gotta say I’m really digging the metallic clang sounds on the volt kit. Really 90s Aphex Twin sounding. There’s a lot of really good kinetic sounds and fat basses too. This pack overall has a really nice oldskool sound. You guys really gave it a nice spectrum of sounds to choose from. There are sounds to spice up anyone’s sound palette regardless of the genre they might be working with. Can’t wait to try future kits!

I’ve tried lots of free sound packs before and always come away feeling that they were just cut and pasted from other free sample packs. There was no real coherence with the samples. After downloading the free pack off your website I was pleasantly surprised. the samples made sense. I then watched the YouTube jam of the Vocals pack and bought it straight away. Immediately got my creativity flowing. Thanks

Had a blast playing with Instant Inspiration Vol. 1 and finally for the first time was able to make something that sounded as full as I’ve been hoping for. Thanks so much, the kits are rad!

Ich hab mir heute euer Freekit runtergeladen weil meine Drums immer etwas schwach auf der Brust waren und was soll ich sagen…. Es fühlt sich an, als ob ich nen anderen Volca hätte. Wirklich ein Unterschied wie Tag und Nacht. Ich hab ja mal geschrieben, dass mir ein Zehner fürn paar Samples einfach zuviel sind. Ich ziehe diese Aussage mal vorsichtig zurück 😉 Wünsche euch nen schönen Abend!


Free Sample Pack





After working on it for two weeks, we finished creating our first Sample Pack. We loved it so much, that we thought we have to share this with the community.

Our sample pack release, available for absolutely free. No hassle.

We are proud that so many fellow electronic musicians have decided to download the Free Sample Pack since the end of 2019. The sound of this sample pack is like a time capsule for us. When using the newest ones, we can hear the long way we have come.

So hit the button and give it a go, as many before you have done.