Friends. Sound Designers. Engineers. Producers.


MOA8ITWEDDING came to life in 2019, drawing from the members’ shared love for all things music, analog synthesizers, and live jamming.

Jonas and Manuel share the same interest in music genres and production techniques.

They formed the Electro Duo under the same name and released their first single “TORQUE” in 2020.

The Name

It’s the combination of two neighboring neighborhoods they reside in in Berlin / Germany.

Moabit & Wedding

They came up with this name rather quickly and gave “Moa8it” a little 8-bit touch. Defining a little characteristic of their sound.

What Moves Us

They are all about good sonics, this warm and lush sound. Having a modern touch with a little twist.

Organic sounds, wild or super crazy samples. This is what they use in their own music productions and DAWless jams furthermore translate these vibes into the sample packs they create.

This is what they set out to do.

Current Single “Blaue Stunde”

Released in 2023

More Releases


We feel that in order to give you some real insight about us, you need to know about our past.


Recording Studio Ghana / Accra – West Africa in 2000 (Age ~17)

I started making Rap/Hip-Hop beats around 1996, with the tender age of 13 with an Intel i486 switching between Cubase vst 3, Fruity Loops, Sound Forge, and Hammerhead as my main tools.

Until I got my hands on the Roland MC 307 and years later the Akai MPC2000xl.

I started out with my friends producing beats on the weekend right after school and all weekend long. Fun fact, this was during a 4-year stay in Iran.

No western music was allowed and punished by law. Yeah – We thought, the best choice is to make Hip-Hop music in Teheran. We managed to record 3 albums by the time we hit 16.

I remember the first time I was able to “Burn” a CD-R of the works we created. That was something crazy at that time.

After that, the internet happened and opened a new era.


My old room when I was still living with my parents. Berlin (Age ~16)

This is me, Jonas, maybe 20 years ago. Ever since I can remember, I was in love with music. Beats. Instrumentals.

I started with an ages-old computer and every software I could get my hands on. Young me used to push all the faders to the top, then turn the bass on all channels to the max.

The beats were recorded on cassette tape and all my friends had to hear them.

I invested every penny I made working after school in the tools necessary. My friends got a driver’s license. I got a new Sound card and a Computer with the ability to drive two screens at the same time.

I did barely sleep one or two hours and slept in school.


If you feel like seeing and hearing us in action?

Here you find a YouTube playlist containing 31 DAWless jams we recorded live during the challenge: #JAMuary2021.