Are you getting a Vosyr Error when managing the Sounds on your Korg Volca Sample via Vosyr? This page is here to help!

We all have been there: Seeing the much feared “Err dcod” on the Korg Volca Sample is a headache, but solvable. So let´s dive in on how to get rid of this nasty Vosyr Error.

Korg Volca Sample Error Quick Fixes

Vosyr Error Code (Err dcod)

This checklist should help you to resolve this most often occurring Vosyr Error.

  • Connect a mini stereo jack is to the “Sync-In”.
  • Only connect the Power supply; remove all other cables
  • Turn off all audio enhancement options in your operating System. This could be Surround options, EQ enhancements or even FXs such as reverb. Some Laptops use “Dolby Audio” make sure this is disabled too.
  • Mute all system sounds
  • Make sure no other program is producing any sound. Just run Vosyr only and have everything else closed. Also web browsers.
  • Set your default Sound Device to 16bit and sample rate to 44.1khz
  • Adjust the output volume of your Sound Device. Vary the setting. We suggest starting at around 50% and turn it up in regular steps. 85% is working good for us.
  • Please make sure your main monitors/speakers are muted.

Once you have found the right volume, you might want to make a note of it for future reuse.

Volca Error code (Err typE)

This is our favorite Volca Error Code since it is so easy to fix.

Make sure your Volca Sample has the latest firmware installed. Click HERE to download the newest firmware from the Korg website.


Volca Error code (Err FuLL)

This indicates that the internal memory of your Volca Sample is full. You can delete samples using the Vosyr, or manually delete single samples.

How to manually delete specific samples

If you have installed firmware version 1.2 or higher, you can use the internal delete function. For more info, please refer to this guide.


  1. While holding down the MUTE button, turn on the Volca sample.
  2. Use the SAMPLE selector to select a sample.
  3. Press the PART > button to mark the sample to be deleted. On the display, “dL” will appear right of the sample number. The sample is now on a list. Press the PART < button to remove the sample from the list.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have added all samples you want to delete to the list.
  5. Press the (REC) button to execute. This will delete all samples you have put on the list.

Additional Tips:

  • The amount of space available in the sample memory after the delete operation is indicated by the LEDs above the step buttons.
  • By holding down the PART > button and turning the SAMPLE selector, you can mark a succession of samples to be deleted
  • To cancel the delete operation, press the (PLAY) button.
How to restore the factory sequences

Some of your sample packs include demo sequences. This is how to restore the default sequences.

  1. While holding down the FUNC and MEMORY buttons, turn on the power. This will cause the REC and PLAY buttons to flash.
  2. Press the REC button to restore the factory default sequences. Press the PLAY button to cancel the restore operation.


If you want a kit that is working 100% you can use our free Sample Pack for the Korg Volca Sample. Klick HERE to download it.

Our Favorite Hardware Sampler


Download Link Not Recieved

Sometimes this happens due to “Spam” filters in the various e-mail providers. Please check your “SPAM” folder and you will find the e-mail containing the Download link.

Formats Available

Currently we provide you with two formats:

Vosyr, this format is used to transfer the samples to the Korg Volca Sample exclusively. 

.WAV, this format is universal and will work on all hardware or software samplers that can handel 16 or 24bit .wav files such as Elektron, 1010music blackbox, Korg Electribe Sampler, Akai and Teenage Engineering. This is just to name a few. 

License Agreement

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Are your Sample Packs compatible with the Korg Volca Sample 2nd generation?

Absolutely, we currently have two formats. VOSYR and .WAV and with either version you can do a transfer to the new Korg Volca Sample 2nd generation. We have created a how-to tutorial to demonstrate the easy process. You can find this easy to follow tutorial right here.

We love Frederickson Labs for creating the Vosyr Software to manage the Sounds on the Korg Volca Sample. You can download the newest version HERE.


In case all these workarounds did not resolve the Vosyr Error you receive, try using an alternative soundcard. Maybe a friend has one to spare and see if this causes the same Vosyr Error. We saw internet forums talking about that some laptop soundcards are a bit tricky. In most cases it was either a onboard FX software that was enabled. Like the Dolby Option or the hardware combo jack box was lose. As mention above, trying a different sound interface could be a good alternative to check if you still get a Vosyr Error.