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Premium Volca Sample Packs

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Carefully crafted. Well engineered.

The fastest way to get inspired.

None of the work. All of the fun.



  • perfectly balanced
  • made for standalone use of the Volca
  • maximum variety sounds



  • reduced to the max
  • clean and defined
  • perfect for hypnotic grooves



  • spiced with tuned vocal- and metallic sounds
  • dirty and powerful
  • focused on unique, experimental stuff



  • all about female vocal samples
  • dirty and gritty, noisy and boomy- but in a good way
  • designed as the perfect addition to your drum machine

Vosyr Sample Packs

Premium Sample Kits

for the Korg Volca Sample

Well balanced Volca Sample Packs in Vosyr, .Vlcspllib (Volca 2nd Gen) and .wav format. We put in our years of experience to craft the perfect kits.

Vosyr Kits 2nd Generation .wav

The Samples


We record live with mics, field recorders, from analog drum machines and synthesiziers.

We layer and stack the sounds, run them through tube amps, equalizers and compressors.

Then we compile them to a kit that adds up to more than just a folder of sounds.

.wav Kits
The korg volca sample is our favorite hardware sample. Thats why we love to create Sample Packs for it.

Years of experience


We tune the kicks, synths, bass, vocals, even metallic percussions. When you start adding the melody to your groove, even the crazy cuckoo sounds will add up nicely.

If not, hold “func” and turn “speed” to pitch in semi tones. You always start on “A”.  Perfectly in tune in seconds.

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Vosyr Sample Packs

Carefully crafted


We care for those lufs. The Samples are precisely matched in loudness and frequency range. When you jam on max volume and start skipping through the sounds, your ears are safe.

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Sonic variety


We love packs with a broad spectrum of sound qualities. Some are clean, some full of dirt. Some well rounded, others edgy.

Real room information and reverb from our gear. Sometimes combined, sometimes nothing at all.


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Purpose made

The volca sample can be a blast used standalone. Or add variation by layering sounds on top of your drum machine.


Spark your ideas with fresh sounds without any menu digging.


For every use case, we have built a dedicated kit. The next ones are already in the making.

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