We hope you will enjoy yourself as much as we did when first loading our Free Volca Sample Pack. In this Sound Kit we have carefully compiled 100 handcrafted sounds with character.

This collection of sounds is the result of hundreds of hours experimenting with this awesome little white machine. We use the Volca Sample in many setups. From standalone to a fully fledged dawless setup. In every situation we encountered different wants and needs.

This kit is the first one we produced that really felt like rocket fuel for your live jams. We found that in order to make the best use of the unique sound engine of the Volca Sample, the Sounds we feed into it had to be different from what we would feed in a Sampler in a DAW, or other hardware samplers.




Good question! We put in more love, knowledge effort. It easily takes a week to create one kit that really works.

This free Volca Sample Pack is supposed to save you time. It took us forever to realize the value of well engineered kits. In the end, we all just want to wake up the next day and still love what we created, right?

Premium kits do their part in the process to get there. This one is free so you can hear with your own ears. We can talk forever about the value of Sample Packs that are brutally good. In the end, we are sure, once you tasted the premium side, you will agree.

Volca Sound Kits to spark your inspiration


The Korg Volca Sample became our swiss army knife of hardware jams. It should be the same for every owner. That is what we aspire to move towards to with our Sample Packs.

That is why even though it took so many hours of trial and error, of recording, editing, refining and compiling, we put it out for free. We use field recorders in crazy places, sample analog drum machines and synthesizers. We edit use analog and digital compressors and equalizers, tube saturation, effect pedals and rack devices.


At the bottom of the page.

If you don’t care for our love of detail, pull on the scroll bar, or swipe with velocity. It’s there for free. You don’t even need to put in your email address.

What are the terms of use?

You are not allowed to distribute or sell the samples. Besides that, you are free to do anything you want with them.


Creating and manipulating sound waves is so awesome. We never get tired of it.

As you might see, we put enormous efforts into this. So you don’t have to. Test it for yourself. See if our Sample Packs provide as much session value to you as to us.


Spread the word – if you like, tag your jams with @moa8itwedding or #moa8itwedding – we love to hear what you used this kit for.

No strings attached.


If you like our Free Kit for the Volca Sample, you may want to check our Premium Kits. If you don´t know about the best software for the Korg Volca Sample you should definitely check Vosyr.

Our Favorite Hardware Sampler
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