New How to Transfer VOSYR & .wav Sample Packs [Korg Volca Sample 2nd Generation]

In this blog post, we would like to share with you an easy follow along with steps on how to transfer VOSYR and .wav Sample packs. All our Sample packs are upwards compatible with the new Korg Volca Sample 2nd generation. The best news is that now, due to the increased memory of the new generation you are able to transfer 2 of our premium sample packs.

Korg Volca Sample 2

Method 1, if you purchased the .WAV format:

Drag and drop the provided .wav files into the new Korg Volca Sample Librarian

Method 2, if you purchased the Vosyr format:

Locate the provided “samples” folder. This is located inside the zip file you have downloaded after your purchase and extracted to the destination of your choice. There will be 101 files in the “samples” folder. 100 are the samples and 1 file called “sample” (This file can be ignored) Tip: Copy all 100 files to a new folder and delete the “sample” file so that only 100 samples are left.

You then must rename (Change the file-extension) for all the files manually.

PC users:

There are multiple ways to change the file extension of a file on a PC system. Let us show you two methods that we use on regular basis.

1st Method: Prepare files for the Korg Volca Sample 2
  • Select the first file in the “samples” folder.
  • Press F2 on your keyboard, this lets you rename a file. Simply add .wav at the end of the file. This will then change the file-extension to wav.
2nd Method: Prepare files for the Korg Volca Sample 2
  • Select the first file in the “samples” folder.
  • Right-Click the file and choose “Rename”, Simply add .wav at the end of the file.

Tip: There are some free Batch Renaming tools available for PC. This will speed up the process.

Once all your files are changed to the .wav file-extension, you can then drag and drop all files at once into the new Korg Volca Sample Librarian.

We created a how-to video to demonstrate the processes mention above.

MAC users:

Mac users can “Batch Change File Extensions”
  1. Pull down the “Finder” menu and head to “Preferences” and then “Advanced”
  2. Check the box for “Show all filename extensions” and then uncheck the box for “Show warning before changing an extension”, then close out of the Finder preferences
  3. Select all 100 Samples in the folder called “samples”, then right-click and choose “Rename XX Items”
  4. At the “Rename Finder Items” screen select “Replace Text” and inside the “Find:” section, place the initial file extension, and under the “Replace with:” input .wav, then click on “Rename”.

You will successfully have changed only the file extensions of the selected files.