Korg Volca Sample Motion Sequencer – Playing Melodic Lines

Korg Volca Sample pack used “Minimal by MOA8ITWEDDING”

Sample Selection of the vosyr sample pack Minimal:
Part 1 = S.000 (Kick)
Part 2 = S.024 (Snare)
Part 3 = S.036 (Hi Hat)
Part 4 = S.095 (Bass)

Hint: All our samples are tuned to Key A you will see later why this is freaking awesome.

  1. Start with a basic Kick pattern at around 120BPM and 27 Swing

Part 1 Kick Pattern Steps = 1 | 5 |9 | 13

Korg Volca Sample Kick Pattern
Korg Volca Sample Kick Pattern
  1. Add a melodic rhythm pattern (Still, all notes play the same note/key A) We will change that now.

Part 4 Melodic Pattern Steps = 5 | 8 | 11 | 15

Korg Volca Sample Melodic Rhythm Pattern
Korg Volca Sample a melodic rhythm pattern

Enable Motion SEQ mode by Pressing FUNC + ON/OFF (Motion SEQ)

Set all active steps (5/8/11/15) to 0. This is done by pressing the active step and turning the “Speed” parameter to 0. If you added more notes then in this tutorial, simply repeat this with all steps you entered. 0 = the root note of the Sample. In all our packs that is A minor.

Now let us change some steps to other melodic notes. This is super easy with the Korg Volca Sample.

All we need to do is adjust the “Speed” parameter to add different notes. Let me explain this step in greater detail below.

Hold the Step you want to change and press the FUNC key. Then Turn the “Speed” parameter and set it to the semitone you desire or set them randomly for more inspiration. In my example, I selected step 15 + FUNC and set the speed value to “nt.03”. The Korg Volca Sample transpose in semitones. To stay in A minor scale, you can use these nt. (note) values: note (0) A| 2 B| 3 C| 5 D| 7 E| 8 F|10 G| 12 A

We decided to tune all our samples to A. This will take the guess work away from you. Simply jam along and try to add more steps and set their “Speed” value always knowing you are in tune!

Let us finish this beat and enter the last two parts.

  1. Adding a Snare Pattern

Part 2 Snare Pattern Steps = 5 | 13

Korg Volca Sample Snare Pattern
Korg Volca Sample Snare Pattern
  1. Adding an offbeat Hi Hat Pattern

Part 3 Hi Hat Pattern Steps = 3 | 7 | 11 | 15

Korg Volca Sample Hi Hat Pattern
Korg Volca Sample Hi Hat Pattern

Final Korg Volca Sample Motion Sequencer Tutorial

Need some instant inspiration? Feel free to look at our ever-growing YouTube channel for quick and fun Korg Volca Sample DAWless Jams we recorded.