Korg Volca Sample 2 – Vintage Vibes vs Modern Analog


  • Deepens your affection for the Volca Sample2
  • Instant rich, and warm analog sound
  • For Tape, Tube & Distortion lovers
  • Golden era & modern sounds in one pack
  • All sounds are tuned to the key of C
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Format: VLCSPLLIB - the file format for the free Software "Librarian" by Korg. The most convenient way to load Samples into your Korg Volca Sample Second Generation. Instant download after purchase.
Info: The samples in these packs have been modified to fit the Volca Sample 2 format. Mainly the sample length was adjusted. For full quality and length samples, please look at the digitakt version.

Vintage Vibes vs Modern Analog - the Korg Volca Sample 2 Sample Pack that gives you goosebumps!

254 Samples laid out into two Banks, Bank 1 - Vintage Vibes and Bank 2 - Modern Analog. 127 Samples each to go forever without the need for menu digging.
Quick overview of the two Banks

Vintage Vibes

  • Live Kicks
  • Live Claps & Snares
  • Live Hi-Hats & Percussions
  • Chops of various instruments
  • Tonal Sounds (Tuned to the key of C) Bass, guitar, piano...
  • Chords

Modern Analog

  • Kicks
  • Claps & Snares
  • Hi-Hats & Percussions
  • Bass & Tonal Sounds (Tuned to the key of C)
  • Chord Sets  (Each chord set matches the key, for flexible chord  progressions)

Experience two worlds colliding in one Sample Pack. These two unique banks contrast and complement each other perfectly, fueling your inspiration to the max.

BANK A – Vintage Vibes | Korg Volca Sample 2 (second generation) Sample Pack

Capture the warmth of magnetic tape with the Vintage Vibes bank. All sounds were recorded on a fifty-year-old tape deck with reels almost as old, giving you access to a treasure trove of analog warmth and old-school flavor. Our best yet Volca Sample 2 sample pack includes carefully processed samples of acoustic drum kits, classic synths, retro keyboards, and acoustic instruments designed to capture the essence of vintage gear and analog timbre.

We've gone above and beyond to perfect the settings for each sample, playing with the tape speed and the order of elements in the chain. For example, pushing the highs with a tube EQ and then letting the old tape soften them creates a beautiful sound that only analog gear can provide. Saturation, rich harmonics, soft clipping, and emphasized room information are all features of the Vintage Vibes bank.

Travel back in time and load this pack into your Korg Volca 2. Whether you're into making beats or jamming, the Vintage Vibes bank will allow you to explore a new side of the Volca Sample (second generation). You'll find dusty drums, soulful chords, funky bass notes, and much more, all imbued with the warmth and character of vintage gear.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned producer, the Vintage Vibes bank will inspire you with its well-balanced toolkit and authentic, soulful vibes. Load the Vintage Vibes bank of your soon-to-be new favorite Korg Volca Sample 2 (second generation) Sample Pack and keep creating without any distractions. Enjoy a quick jam and start vibing, then switch it up with Bank B.

BANK B – Modern Analog | Korg Volca Sample 2 (second generation) Sample Pack

Refresh your creativity with the Modern Analog bank, where all sounds are generated and processed with outboard gear. This time, we've opted for a crispy and punchy sound, with no noise floor. This explosive collection of sounds is designed to take your creative process to new heights, including high-quality drums, basses, synths, leads, pads, and effects.

Whether you produce house, techno, trance, or any other genre that requires a contemporary and powerful sound, the Modern Analog bank has everything you need. You'll find punchy kicks, crisp snares, dynamic hi-hats, and all kinds of percussion, all optimized for maximum impact and groove. The arsenal of bass sounds ranges from deep and subby to gritty and distorted, delivering massive energy to your tracks.

The synths and leads are equally impressive, with a wide range of timbres and styles perfect for creating catchy melodies and riffs. We've taken the time to try and test different combinations and sets of sounds, so once the first few loops are making you happy, it's just as easy to build upon that.

The Modern Analog bank also includes atmospheric elements like pads, chords, and other effects that add drama and tension to your music. Each sound is carefully crafted to elevate your production to the next level.

It's not just a tool, it's a toolkit. The Volca Sample 2 is your brush and canvas, and the Modern Analog bank is your palette. Load this Bank and reignite your passion for music

Don't underestimate the power of atmosphere in your music! From dreamy pads to tension-building chords and effects, the Modern Analog bank has got you covered. Each sound has been crafted with care to take your production to the next level. But don't stop there! Loop back to the Vintage Bank to switch things up and unlock your creativity. You'll be amazed at the fresh new ideas that flow.

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