Minimal WAV



  • reduced to the max
  • clean and defined
  • perfect for hypnotic grooves



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100 Handcrafted Samples in one Volca Sample Sound Pack

Format: WAV Files in 24 Bit and 16 Bit versions. For all samplers and DAWs.
Instant download after purchase.

These 100 fresh sounds make your sampler sn(H)appy!

The kit consists of handpicked short ´n snappy minimal sounds. This will let you dive into a new world of sonic possibilities. 

Soft, hard, and deep kicks, lush sounding claps, and crazy snappy samples make this a perfect match if you are into sterile clean sounds. 

100 Samples

  • Kicks (Tuned to A)
  • Snares
  • Claps
  • Hat like sounds
  • Bleeps n´Blops
  • Short percussions 
  • Dry n Snappy sounds
  • Fx sounds  
  • Bass stabs (Tuned to Amin)
  • Strange hi-pitched percussions

This Volca Sample Sound Pack is

  • all about minimal samples
  • a vitamin supplement for your jam
  • different from anything you are using
  • clean and polished - but in a clinical way
  • custom recorded 
  • 100% exclusive
  • designed as the perfect addition to your drum machine
  • so playful

FORMAT: 24 Bit 48Khz & 16 Bit 41Khz .wav

Instant download after purchase.


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The story behind this Volca Sample Sound Pack

We use the Volca Sample in a lot of different scenarios. Every use case is different. To provide the maximum possible benefit, we found that the selection of the Sounds has to be optimized accordingly. That’s why we create our Sound Packs around the way they will be used. This one is for providing a special sound, focused on drums and percussive elements. Dry and snappy. We created a lot of sounds with our modular and semi modular gear. The idea was to be able to get this special sound fast. There are fewer tonal elements. In general, it is not as flexible as other kits. By design. It is laser focused on minimal.


What all our Samples for Korg Volca Sample Packs have in common

The experience that led to their creation. It was all a dream. The first pattern you created. That crappy snare drum you put on the backbeat. The ridiculous amount of bass you boosted on that Kick. The unique high you first felt when creating sound.


That is what we set out to do. Actually, this is not only about us, meaning the two of us. It’s about us in the sense of everyone that shares this experience.

All our Volca Sample Sound Packs are created to provide you with:


We record and generate sounds. We process them. Carefully curate them. We got all the systemizing done already. It makes sense from the start. No time wasted. Powerful possibilities to morph and merge the sonic character into your personal soundscape.


You probably already have a setup that works. A signature sound. You want to double up, every single time. Extra layers in seconds. No Screen. No mouse. That little extra sets your sound apart from your last jam.


Jamming with electronic instruments gives you an unprecedented number of options. Without compromising sonic quality. Being the control freaks, we have always been, that did sound perfectly good to us – in the first place.

But when you are in the zone, milking the cow of creativity, all those choices can be tiresome. Right?


After two decades of Electronic Music production, we've had enough. Fed up with preset skipping and sample digging. We heard it all before. We even quit. Then, after a full year, lightning struck.

No Screens. All Ears. In the Loop. Constantly on play. In the zone. Grooving. Build from the ground up. With the right building blocks.