Rample – The Ultimate Drum Machine


• Turns your Rample into The Ultimate Drum Machine
• Kicks, Snap, Claps, Snaps, Hi-Hats & Percussions
• Perfectly assigned to match the 4 Voices of the Rample
• A blend of unique and classic sounds with a twist

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Format: WAV 16 Bit 41 kHz mono. Instant download after purchase.
Important! This rample sample pack is an adaptation from the Digitakt Sample Pack 2.

Turn your Squarp Rample into the ultimate drum machine!

254 Drum Sounds laid out in 6 Banks (W21-W26) of 4 voices and a maximum of 12 sounds per layer so that it matches the Rample specifications.

You will always find the samples in the following order:
This makes life easy during a live jam, in the heat of the moment still knowing where all the sounds are, is crucial!

Rample Folders: W21-W24

Channel 1 – Kicks
Channel 2 – Claps, Snaps & Snares
Channel 3 – Hi-Hats
Channel 4 – Percussions

Rample Folders: W25&W26

All channels are loaded with percussions only!

What you get in the Rample pack.

Within each category, you will find three types of samples. Let's make this clear by looking at one example:

The Kicks

Category 1 "Gold standard"

Kicks from the 808 and the Tanzbär. A bit of tube EQ and Compression was added. They just do what they are meant to do. We included around 1-2 per bank. The standard is always there, for a reason. Sometimes other elements get the spotlight.

Category 2: "Character"

To drive your inspiration, this category holds around 10 Kicks with differing layers. Some with the ambiance that we captured in an industrial venue, some with layers added from our synth collection. Ran them through tube gear, eq´s compressors. Some crazy deep, some noisy, some with brutal attacks.

These sounds should get your inspiration going and are so rich sonically, that you can easily use filters and envelopes of the Rample to tweak them to match your jam perfectly.

Category 3 "Crazy"

To further push your creative process, you will find a few "crazy" sounds. Sounds that just smack like hell. At the same time, you can always rely on proper tuning. When you add your bassline, and other sounds rich in the low end, it will add up nicely and provide insane energy instead of headlessly booming and wobbling like the mess we all created too often already in the heat of the jam.

In all three categories, you will find sonically balanced sounds and a few that feel more like layers for stacking. No matter what your intended use of the Rample is, you are covered. This framework is applied to all percussive sounds.

Your samples are processed diligently. Preserving the organic qualities and features to provide you with enough room so you can change the sound to your liking is our top priority. No over-compression. Never! At the same time solid constant levels and well-controlled peaks. So, choosing a sample while the track plays you actually hear the sound, it will cut through.

Load Rample – The Ultimate Drum Machine onto your Rample and enjoy a crazy modern drum vibe.

The Gear used to generate the basic sounds of this sample pack include the Moog Mother 32, Behringer Odyssey, MonoPoly Crave, Pro-One, the Arturia Micro Freak, and a fine selection of modular gear. Processed with various outboard gear. Such as Tube EQ, Tube Distortion, and modulation FXs. To get more organic characteristics, we did re-amping in a wild venue.

Almost all tonal samples are tuned to note C. Only a few toms beg to differ. This way, your drums never get in the way of your melodies and harmonies. We keep it simple.

Load the Rample – The Ultimate Drum Machine sample pack. Then Go Nuts.

Want to hear this sample pack in action? You can find some videos on our YouTube channel here.