Korg Volca Sample (Vosyr) – Analoger Drumcomputer


  • Pure analogue drum samples
  • Carefully processed with tube gear
  • Conclusively compiled banks
  • Delightfully usable
  • Highly effective fresh breeze for your setup
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Format: VOSYR Project file for the Korg Volca Sample.
Instant download after Purchase.
Info: The samples in these packs have been modified to fit the Volca Sample vosyr format. The sample length was adjusted and 54 samples were removed from the Digitakt version. For full-quality, full-length samples, please look at the Digitakt version.

Analoger Drumcomputer Vosyr - the Volca Sample Sample Pack that drums up inspiration

254 Samples from a rare analogue drum machine, sorted out into two Banks, 127 Samples each to get your groove going without needing menu digging.

Quick overview of the samples:

  • Kicks
  • Claps
  • Snares
  • Hi-Hats
  • Cymbals
  • Shakers
  • Tom

This sample pack provides your sampler with the rich sounds of a legendary small-batch drum machine. All samples have been recorded through our most beloved tube gear.

Analoger Drumcomputer Vosyr | Is this for you?

Analogue drum machines have always been fascinating to us, but out of reach. They were so expensive and complex compared to the software we were used to.

Around fifteen years ago, I was finally able to save up enough to buy the drum computer of my dreams, the MFB Tanzbär. Mein erster Analoger Drumcomputer.  An analogue drum machine, produced in small numbers, fully analog with unparalleled access to sound parameters. This beast is made for designing your sounds.

The analogue drum machine offers a rich sonic palette full of sweetspots, that would have been enough to make a nice sample pack without any alteration.

Why we decided to take it a step further when designing this sample pack.

Dawless jamming is most fun when getting into the zone quickly. When feeding the Volca Sample the raw samples of the Tanzbär, we found ourselves tweaking and fine-tuning the sounds a bit too long, at least when the aim is to focus on ideas, like with melodies, harmonies, variations, and all that. We got lost in detail way too often. When we finally had an idea that we found worthy of arranging and polishing in the DAW, we often found ourselves fiddling around with sounds.

What we used to make the Volca Sample Sample Pack Analoger Drumcomputer Vosyr more utile and fun.

During the years we bought and sold a lot of gear. Building audio chains that are fun AND produce results fast enough to not get lost in details is not easy. After many failed attempts, we finally found a winner and used it for this sample pack. With varying orders, we used our SPL tube processor, dbx tube compressor, channel strip, and beloved Neve Preamp with its incredible filter and "silk" setting.
Over the years, we developed our own way of thinking about the different stages in the process of designing sounds.
We think of the whole chain as one single entity, with emphasis on the interaction of the single units.
Going from ever so slightly blending something into searching for unexpected behavior with extreme settings is a lot of fun, hearing recordings of soloed snare drum tweaking for hours and selecting the most usable and complimentary ones, not so much. But that's where the value is created.
When jamming, programming, noodling, writing, and producing we don't want to be bothered with creating drums from scratch, while still using sounds that inspire and keep pushing us forward.

What this sample pack can do for you

This Volca Sample Sample Pack was designed to give your sampler the sonic palette of our analogue universe and take it to the next level with the unique features of the sampler. Like per step effects, probability, pattern chains, LFO modulations, you name it.
It will work as a part of your setup, that compliments the other parts. A team player. A workhorse.
It took way too long, to get this sample pack to the desired level, but when starting a new idea after a long day at work, getting this rush when it all comes together was totally worth it.
We hope you will get the same kick out of it.
Thank you, Manfred Fricke, for creating this piece of art in the form of electronic circuits. We never met, but your ideas and work lives on, every time we use one of your machines. Rest in peace.
BTW: We chose the name analoger drumcomputer for this pack, since the term is printed on the machine.